Municipality of Tripoli

A few words about the Municipality

The Municipality of Tripoli implements public policies on the basis of social equity, and contributes to the overall effort to manage the refugee issue in the country.


Important Initiatives

See below Social Services and Programs by the Municipality of Tripoli.

The IOM and CRS have been implementing the HELIOS integration program since the summer of 2020 in the City of Tripoli, aiming at promoting the social integration of beneficiaries of international protection.


Information is not available in English yet.

Information is not available in English yet.

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The Shelter for Abused Women hosts women who are victims of gender-based violence, with their children (girls up to 18 years old and boys up to 12 years old).

The Shelter provides temporary/transitional accommodation for up to 3 months. The provided services are the following: Free safe accommodation and protection from the perpetrator, psychosocial support, food provision, recreational activities, employment counseling and referrals to legal support, police, etc. The shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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The Social Grocery store operates in a municipal building in Valtetsiou Square. It provides free food, clothing, toys, school supplies, household equipment, etc. to residents facing financial difficulties. The Social Grocery store is supported by voluntary contributions, both financial and in kind, made by companies, organizations, associations, unions, foundations, individuals, but also the Municipality.

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The Program ‘Help at Home’ provides social services to people who are unable to support themselves. Beneficiaries are the elderly, people with mobility difficulties and special needs, while priority is given to low-income people. The program is implemented in all municipal units of the Municipality of Tripoli.

The Municipality of Tripoli through the NPDD Tripoli provides free swimming lessons to children from low-income families at the Municipal Swimming Pool.

Please note: The premises are temporaliry closed for renovation works.

The Municipal Vegetable Garden gives the opportunity to 150 citizens of the Municipality to grow their own vegetable garden. One of the main aims of the garden is for local residents to grow their own food, however, in the process, friendships are created and cooperation is developed between the growers.

There are three Centers for Creative Employment of Children, one in the city center and two in nearby locations within the Municipality of Tripoli. These places offer a program full of creative activities such as dance, play, movement, music and handcrafts for children aged 7 to 12 years.

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Τhe Multi-Dynamic Center of OKANA, in Tripoli, provides primary support and short intervention services to all groups of addicts over the age of 18 and deals with addictions to legal and/or illegal substances. It also refers to specialized structures of OKANA or other health structures if deemed necessary.

OKANA’s Mobile Unit in Tripoli is aimed at people who are dealing with problems of addiction to illegal substances and are not included in any treatment program. The staff provide direct medical care, counseling and psychological support services, while at the same time attempts are made to connect individuals with therapeutic programs and social structures.