Municipality of Piraeus

A few words about the Municipality

The Municipality of Piraeus is one of the pioneers in dealing with the challenges related to the integration of refugees and migrants.

For several years now, through the Migrant Integration Council, the social services of the Municipality, and through targeted plans and actions, the municipality has provided support to the families of migrants and refugees and especially to the children living in Piraeus.

We will continue and strengthen our work towards this direction, with unity and sensitivity, while distancing ourselves from divisive and extreme approaches. 

Yiannis Moralis, Mayor of Piraeus


Important Initiatives
See below Social Services and Programs by the Municipality of Piraeus. 

The Migrant Integration Center operates under the Community Centers scheme, and  aims to support asylum seekers and beneficiaries of international protection during their integration into the state welfare system. The Migrant Integration Centre also offers services which enhance social inclusion (Greek language courses, etc.).

MORE (Greek)

The Migrant Integration Council operates with the participation of all municipal parties as well as with the participation of IOM and the Greek Forum of Refugees and the Greek Forum of Migrants as well as of migrant groups. Through the operation of SEM, the full and equal participation and access of all foreign residents is sought. In addition SEM operates as an umbrella and supervisory mechanism for all the actions of the Municipality and other initiatives concerning migrants and refugees living in the city.

The Open School for Migrants Piraeus aims to  provide educational support and cultural development to refugees and migrants living in the city.


The Social Innovation Piraeus operates within the framework of the Intermediate Management Body of Piraeus (OXE), by the Public Benefit Municipal Enterprise of the Municipality (KODEP) with the aim of actively supporting vulnerable groups and citizens in need, improving social inclusion and combating poverty and social discrimination.


In the context of dealing with homelessness, the Municipality runs a Homeless Shelter and a Homeless Dormitory as well as the “Home and Work” Programme. In line with the principle of non-discrimination followed by the Municipality, migrants have equal access to all the abovementioned services.

The Child & Family Support Center of Piraeus – SOS Children’s Villages in collaboration with the Municipality of Piraeus seeks to cover the needs of the wider area of Piraeus for families in crisis. 


The meals of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus operate in order to provide the necessary food for residents of Piraeus who are in a precarious situation with regards to food provision.

There are two accommodation centers for unaccompanied minors run by the NGOs “Social Ekav” and “Zeuxis”. The Municipality and the Migrant Integration Council (SEM) assist with the everyday needs and take care of the basic medical needs. In addition, informal accommodation is provided in a city hotel.