Municipality of Tilos

A few words about the Municipality

In Tilos, refugee children attend the classes of the Primary School of Tilos and participate  in the sport, cultural and recreational activities, without any discrimination!


Important Initiatives

See below Social Services and Programs by the Municipality of Tilos.

In 2018, a Social Cooperative Enterprise was created, the small cheese cooperative called Irina of Tilos, under a program supporting refugees and migrants with the aim of reviving organized livestock and processing on the island and fostering smooth integration and socialization of asylum seekers and recognized refugees.

The cooperative started operating in the spring of 2018, following an investment of several tens of thousands of euros. A few months later the first product was released, a white goat cheese, which immediately found a place in the market.

The investment attracted the support of a small Swiss municipality, Meniere, near Geneva. With the support of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the Swiss municipality raised the money needed and the project was implemented. Thus, a KOINSEP was created, with the participation of local residents, refugees, the municipality of Tilos and the company Belgomilk which provided all the technological equipment.

The Cooperative Enterprise follows a model which aims at the economic, social and cultural development of the project’s participants and the smooth integration and socialization of asylum seekers and recognized refugees, with the ultimate goal of their social integration in Tilos.