Municipality of Nea Filadelfeia – Nea Chalkidona

A few words about the Municipality


Important Initiatives

See below Social Services and Programs by the Municipality of Nea Filadelfeia – Chalkidona.

The Community Center has been operating since 2017. It is the first point of contact of the citizen to be informed about all the benefits he is entitled to and all the services and social care programs at the municipal level.

It is staffed by a Psychologist and Social Worker and is under the Department of Social Policy of the Municipality. Specifically, it provides services such as: reception – information – support to citizens, liaison with actors and services (local authorities, public services, voluntary organizations, social organizations, etc.), to support their needs, assistance for the submission of applications for Social Solidarity Scheme and social protection and education programs for the unemployed, organization of information-awareness events on social issues.

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The Center for Psychosocial Support and Prevention is a structure of primary social care of the Municipality of Nea Filadelfeia – Chalkidona, which provides services to preschool and school children, as well as their families.

The services provided to citizens and residents are free and include:

  • Psychological support to children and adolescents facing issues of intrapersonal and interpersonal adjustment
  • Counselling and education on parenting and family issues
  • Speech therapy assessment and therapeutic intervention for children with speech and language disorders
  • Connection with other social care services

The Psychosocial Support Center is staffed by an interdisciplinary team, which consists of a child psychologist, parent counsellor, psychologist, social worker and speech therapist.

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The Social Grocery store of the Municipality provides on a monthly basis free basic food items to financially weak and vulnerable social groups to meet their basic needs. More than 300 people benefit from the Social Grocery store. The food provision service of the Municipality is available on a daily basis to all citizens in need.

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The Social Grocery of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality offers food to citizens facing financial difficulties, with the aim to fight poverty and social exclusion of vulnerable households. The Municipality’s Social Clothing program, in collaboration with FABRIC REPUBLIC and the support of supervised volunteers, offers clean and packaged clothes to people in need.

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The Social Pharmacy of the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality manages the distribution of medicines donated by local citizens by pharmacies and the GIVMED network to the most financially weak citizens. It operates with the support of volunteer pharmacists and citizens, under the supervision of a Social Worker.

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