Municipality of Larissa

A few words about the Municipality

The First Ancient Theater of Larissa, located in the center of the city, is a symbol of Democracy reminding the citizens of the importance of the active protection of its basic principles.


Important Initiatives

See below Social Services and Programs by the Municipality of Larissa.

Migrant and Refugee Integration Council (SEMP) in the City of Larissa, aims to identify the problems encountered by the migrants and refugees who permanently live in the municipality regarding their integration into the local community, their access to municipal services or other public services. In addition, the Council aims to make suggestions to the Municipal Council to promote the smooth social integration of migrants and refugees and to solve existing problems, through the development of consulting services, as well as the organization of awareness-raising activities.

MORE (Greek)

The Community Centre is the first point of contact of all citizens with municipal social services. It is where citizens get information on benefits they are entitled to, as well as all available social care services and programs in their Municipality, or wider Region. The Community Centre provides information and comprehensive support to citizens for their inclusion in social protection programs as well as programs such as “Social Solidarity Income”, TEVA etc.

It also enables the connection of citizens with institutions and programs of social protection, solidarity and social inclusion, such as the Social Grocery Store, Social Pharmacy, Municipal Soup Kitchen, Municipal Polyclinic, Municipal Dental Clinic, Support Structure for Homeless, Homeless Women, Homeless Parent schools.

At the same time, it provides employment services with the aim of integration and reintegration into the labor market, Counseling support, Information on services provided to children and young people such as municipal kindergartens, Creative Employment Centres for Children (KDAP) and Creative Employment Centres for Children and Adults ( KDAPMEA), Culture Clubs, Sports Programs, Social Tutoring, Camping in the City, Liaison with Institutions, Services and Organizations on Prevention, Health Education, Education, Employment and Culture, Organizing Educational Programs, Seminars and Workshops, and Raising Public Awareness.


At a time when the notion of politics is obsolete and irrelevant among young people, the Municipality of Larissa has created the Municipal Youth Council. The
aim of the initiative is for young participants to get familiarized with decision-making processes at a local level, and to participate in initiatives promoting social justice and solidarity. As such, the young women and men that participate in the Council, are working towards organizing and supporting local community initiatives and co-designing – in collaboration with the local authority of Larissa – a framework for the city’s Youth Strategy. The Council places great importance on the participation of vulnerable population groups.


Since 2016, Larissa – Learning City, as a member of the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities, has been launching actions based on the humanitarian principles of Lifelong Learning aiming to foster the dialogue between city stakeholders and citizens, encourage partnerships, cultivate critical thinking and active citizenship, and integrate the education and training process in the social and cultural development of the city. A network of various entities and sectors has been created (70-member “Larissa – Learning City” committee under the auspices of the City Council).


The program ‘Housing and Employment’ is implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity and the National Institute of Labor and Human Resources (E.I.E.A.D.). The program aims at the Provision of housing, counselling and employment reintegration activities for up to eighteen (18) months, for 37 beneficiaries who are registered as homeless (or living in unsuitable accommodation) in the Social Services of the Municipality of Larissa.


The project “Help at Home’’ aims to provide specialised services to elderly people that live alone, and people with disabilities, in order to help them maintain their autonomy while in a familiar social environment. The programme also supports the family that cares for these individuals. The project provides primary nursing care, psychological support, counselling, home care through social workers, nurses and family assistants.


The Shelter for Women Survivors of Violence of the Municipality of Larissa has been operating since October 1, 2013.


The Centre of Creative Activities for Children of the Municipality of Larissa is a network of 11 certified educational structures, where children can spend their time creatively, outside school hours.

At the Centre they can meet friends and communicate with them through the shared experience of creation, in a safe and creative environment.

Municipality's Best Practices
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